Participating Universities

Vermont (State Registration & Academic Research)

  • University of Vermont
    • UVM Extension’s Northwest Crops & Soils Program is planning to develop an industrial hemp research program in the 2016 growing season


UVM conducts research on industrial hemp crop

06/03/2016 –  So what is driving this move to grow industrial hemp? There is a growing market for it.

“There are some fiber businesses and oil businesses, one example is Full Sun which is an oil company located in Middlebury. They are looking to purchase hemp oil so they are working with local farmers to grow the crop for them,” said Darby.

Meanwhile work here will continue, researching different varieties of hemp, the best way to plant and the best time to plant for maximum yield.

“Our goal is to keep this research going on for multiple years and really get to know this crop of industrial hemp for how productive and versatile how useful it really could be,” said Gupta.

And then sharing that information with farmers who want to grow the crop.

Vermont’s Third Hemp-Growing Season: More Acreage, New Products

05/16/2016 – A survey conducted by this reporter of hemp growers registered with the Agency of Agriculture indicates that around 60 acres of industrial hemp are being planted this year, dwarfing the acreage previously cultivated in Vermont – but still tiny compared to states such as Kentucky and Colorado, where thousands of acres are being grown.

This year, hemp is being farmed in more than a dozen locations around Vermont, from the Canadian border to the Massachusetts state line.

Colorado (State Licensed & Academic Research)

  • Colorado State University
    • #82 Best Global Universities for Agricultural Sciences – US News & World Report
    • First planted 2014

Hawaii (Academic Research Only)

Indiana (Academic Research Only)

Kentucky (Pilot Programs & Academic Research)

  • University of Kentucky
  • Murray State
  • Eastern Kentucky University
  • Western Kentucky University
  • St. Catharine’s College
  • University of Pikeville


  • Unity College

Massachusetts (Waiting for permit from MDAR)

  • University of Massachusetts (Not yet able to participate in growing Hemp)
    • #10 Best Global Universities for Agricultural Sciences – US News & World Report


  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln

After Long Wait, Hemp Research Moving Forward In Nebraska

05/17/2016 – UNL researchers have received the approval they’ve been waiting for to plant industrial hemp on research plots in Nebraska. They are hoping to learn about how well it grows in the state and whether it could be a suitable, and profitable crop, for farmers…

With a permit to grow hemp, the next job is to actually plant. Dweikat says a shipment of hemp seed is being held on reserve from a supplier in Canada. Seed cannot be bought across state lines, it can only be purchased from foreign countries. It can be acquired from other researchers in the U.S., but only as part of a collaborative research project.

New York

  •  Morrisville State College

First hemp seeds in New York planted in Eaton

07/03/2016 – For the first time in 80 years, hemp seeds were planted in Eaton, New York.  JD Farms is a private farm participating in an Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program for the state, under a license awarded to Morrisville State College.

Oregon (State Licensed & Academic Research)

  • Oregon State University
    • #57 Best Global Universities for Agricultural Sciences – US News & World Report

Tennessee (Pilot Programs & Academic Research)

  • Middle Tennessee State University
  • University of Tennessee